Author Guidelines

EARSeL eProceedings is an Open Access journal, i.e. manuscripts published in there may be read online and be downloaded at no charge by anyone who is interested in the subject. However, review process, language corrections as well as editing are not free of costs. Authors coming from EARSeL laboratories are entitled to publishing their articles without having to pay any fees. For non-EARSeL members a publishing fee of 50 Euros per printed page will be charged.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the style guide in the sample paper (150 kB rtf file). Please save the file on your computer and use it as a sample paper for manuscript preparation. A conversion to Microsoft WORD might be appropriate to reduce the file size if graphics are included in your document.

There is no limit as to the number of pages and colour graphics. References to raw data archived at the author's institute via URL links which allow the readers to understand the published results are strongly encouraged.

Please submit your contribution through the Manuscript Management System using the Login button to the left.

Graphics, tables and equations should be embedded in the document according to the instructions given in the sample paper. Graphics shall also be uploaded to the Manuscript Management System in separate image files. Please use the ZIP data compression utility if many image files are uploaded.


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